GMBA Seminary Extension Courses 201


Introduction to Christian Ethics:

A study of the ethical principles of the bible and Christian responsibility in contemporary society, focusing on such issues as human sexuality, economics, human relations, politics, abortion, euthanasia, world hunger, capital punishment, and medical issues.  One unit deals with ethical decision making.

Textbook:  Ethics for a brave, new world, John S. Feinberg, and Paul D. Feinberg.

Cost for course credit (with books) $179.00

Cost for course credit (without books) $144.00

Cost without course credit – cost of textbook

Starting the first week in May – Thursdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Class consists of eight sessions and will meet at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.

Contact Pastor George Sweet for more information on these courses,

(802) 728-5318, or