Vision, Values, and Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Green Mountain Baptist Association exists to strengthen and mobilize churches to fulfill the Great Commission.
This is “why” we exist. It is unlikely that this mission will ever change.

Vision Statement

Our churches will partner together to grow healthy congregations that:
-encourage visionary leadership
-engage our culture
-ignite spiritual passion

This is the strategy we use to accomplish our mission. The strategy will change from time to time as needed in order to fulfill the mission.

Core Values

The GMBA firmly values the following concepts and will do nothing that violates these core values.

1. Jesus as our Model.

Everything we do should be modeled on the life of Jesus. He is our Example in everything and our only Hope for eternal salvation. We seek to bring glory to God as we model our lives after that of Christ.

2. The Bible as our Base.

We accept the Holy Bible as absolute truth. As such, it alone is our ultimate authority for life and ministry.

3. Prayer as our Support.

Through prayer we express our dependence on Almighty God, and through prayer we release the power of His Holy Spirit to direct and empower our ministry.

4. Cooperation as our Essential.

Believing we can do more together than apart, we will partner with local churches, the BCNE, the SBC, and other evangelical groups in ministering in our communities and throughout the world.

5. Equipping as our Method.

We desire to provide leadership and training opportunities in and through local churches to help them grow numerically and spiritually.

6. Missions and Evangelism as our Result.

We seek to promote missions education and encourage local churches in mission involvement in the U.S. and around the world.