Visionary Leadership Resources

Discussions to Follow from GMBA Pastor’s Meetings

Four Kinds of Pastors and Next Level Pastors
Responses to the Types of Pastors article
Four Kinds of Visitors Come to Church
Oct 2006 US News and World Report article on authentic leadership
10 Ways to Improve Your Church
Discussion held on 4-12-07 regarding superior loving and living instead of reasoning

People to Have Lunch With

Marty Bascom, pastor of East Randolph Baptist Church, East Randolph VT – Marty is a native Vermonter who has taken a small church of less than a dozen and turned it into a power house of over 100. Send him an email.

Web Sites to Explore

How to Help Suffering People

Suggested Books to Read

Developing Leadership Teams in the Bivocational Church – released September 2010 by Crossbooks (a division of Lifeway)