Construction and Building Needs

Reformed Bible Church  

Vision:  Hospitality

Project:  Installation of Showers

What does a small Body of Believers, who God has blessed with a large building do with His building?   Our vision is to see it used as a hub of hospitality, a welcoming home for visiting missionaries to stay without cost while serving our Lord in Vermont.

RBC pic 1 Located near Rutland and with access to roads running north and south and east and west makes it God’s building a convenient place to stay and travel to and from their places of ministry.

This is our place of worship:

RBC pic 2

This is the kitchen where visiting missionaries will fix their meals:

RBC kitchen

And our fellowship hall where they may eat and rest from their day’s labors:

RBC dining

Our nursery where missionaries with children will be able stay:

RBC nursery

This is one of 3 rooms for missionaries to sleep in.  Each is individually heated and comfortable.  We have met all the fire and safety codes both state and federal to make this a safe place.  Being in the country it is quiet and being in Vermont no air conditioning is necessary.

RBC dormatory

There is one thing missing that we are asking God to provide – showers.  Last year we set out to install two showers, one handicapped accessible in the south end of God’s building downstairs from where the missionaries will spend the night.  Our intentions were to have the work down by the end of summer, 2014 but the state of Vermont had other plans.  Due to state regulations we had to involve the Environmental Protection Agency and state engineers to determine if the installation of showers would harm the environment.  Upon investigation it was found our septic system was not sufficient and needs to be upgraded.  We are in the process of working with design engineers to determine what exactly needs to be done.  They have given us an estimate of anywhere from $12,000 to 18,000 dollars to meet the state and EPA requirements.  This would allow us to host up to 14 missionaries at a time throughout the summer months.  God has graciously moved a Church in Texas to set up a matching fund of $5,000 dollars and God has, through His people at Reformed Bible Church provide $750 towards the matching amount but there is a ways to go especially if the septic needs the more expensive upgrade.  We will not know about this until the weather warms in March or April.  The goal, if God so wills is to put out the welcome mat in June.  Below are pictures of the bathrooms where the showers will be installed, right now they are a mess but if you use your imagination you can see the finished project will be very nice:


RBC Shower

The question may be asked, why do this?  As most of you know Vermont is among the least Christian states in North America but recent years God has been doing a lot of work through His faithful people in spreading the gospel around the state.  Existing Churches continue to be places where the gospel is preached and communities reached.  Church plants are popping up all across the state.  One thing that is common in both existing and church plants are small congregations without much in the way of resources to maintain an upgrade their buildings.  This is where missionaries to Vermont have made a critical difference.  They come to serve and often bring the resources to purchase supplies and accomplish the tasks at hand.  Some come to do VBS or Backyard Bible Clubs or other evangelistic outreaches.  Having a place where missionaries can stay free of charge will not only help them in their planning but free up the money they would normally spend on motels and meals to be used helping the churches they came to serve.  With a restful place to stay, get a hot shower and relax in the evening will benefit the missionaries both physically and spiritually thus increasing their effectiveness in serving others.  And for the folks at RBC it is a blessing to us to say, “Come, stay free of charge, the building is yours while you are here”.  Giving them the key, praying with and for them blesses us in ways that cannot be expressed in words.  We are not begging for help but simply hoping you will share our vision and if you can help join us in being blessed in making God’s Building a “Hub of Hospitality”

Hugh Diggins for Congregation of Reformed Bible Church