How much should affiliated churches donate to the GMBA?

How Much Should Our Church Give to the General Work of the Green Mountain Baptist Association?

The GMBA does not have a set amount that its affiliated churches must contribute. Each church must make its own decision based on the priorities and financial abilities of the individual church.

However, in an effort to help churches think through this issue with some factual details, churches might consider these various statistics as they decide how much to invest in God’s work through the Green Mountain Baptist Association.

In 2010, GMBA churches donated an average of $41 per member to the GMBA.
Another way to consider giving is to look at Sunday morning worship attendance. GMBA churches donated an average of $34 per person who attended Sunday morning worship.
Another way to consider giving is to look at the average given per church, which was $1850 in 2010.

Churches that prefer to use a percentage method instead of a fixed dollar amount might want to know that in 2010 the average GMBA church donated 2.77% of its undesignated income to the GMBA.

What happens to our donation?

Your church’s entire gift to the GMBA remains in the association to help us start new churches, hold evangelistic events, encourage pastors, develop lay leadership skills and host events that train and encourage the churches to be more effective in ministry. The exact breakdown is voted on each year by the “messengers” (representatives) at the annual meeting in October. No outside group tells us how to invest our funds. Since we vote on this each year, the affiliated churches of the GMBA remain in charge of what we do with the funds they entrust to us.

What about designated giving?

GMBA churches also donate to a number of designated funds through the GMBA. This allows them to focus special funding on specific needs that are important to their church. Designated funds are only used for the purposes for which they were given. At the present time the GMBA does not “charge” those designated funds any type of administrative fee, though there is a real cost to the GMBA for processing those funds. Churches should keep that in mind as they give to the GMBA, making sure that they do not burden the association with significant processing costs to cover designated funds unless they are also contributing to the General Fund that must bear the administrative cost of processing the various designated funds.

Specific questions about your church’s donations to the GMBA should be directed to either the Director of Missions or the Association Treasurer.